Examen top notch 1

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Name: _________________________________________ Date: _____________________

I. Put the name of the following professions. ______/12

[pic] [pic][pic]

_______________ __________________ ____________________

[pic] [pic] [pic]

______________________________________ ___________________

II. Answer these questions with your own information. _______/15

a. What is your name?___________________________________________________

b. Where are you from?


c. How old are you?____________________________________________________

d. Are you a teacher?


e. What do you do?

____________________________________________________III. Choose the appropriate word from the box. _______/15

1. This person lives next to my house. _____________________

2. I work with my ___________________ in the same office.

3. My___________ gave me two weeks of vacation.

4. Manuel is my best ____________. He always comes to my house.

5. Raul is my _____________. We study in the same classroom.

IV. Draw themap according to the directions. ______/30

This is my neighborhood is so nice. I like it a lot. I live on Main Street. My house is in front of theconvenience store. Next to the convenience store there is a pharmacy and next to it you can find a newsstand. Across from the newsstand we have a bank and behind the bank, on Maple Street, there is abookstore. You can also find a travel agency on the left of the bookstore and a post office on the right of it. I just love my neighborhood because you can find anything you need!

V. Make...
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