Top Notch

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Audio Script

M1: Room service. How may I help you?
F1: Hi. I want to order something for dinner in my room.M1: What would you like to order?
F1: I’ll have the grilled chicken.
M1: Anything to drink?
F1: No, thanks. Oh, and could someone call me at 7:00tomorrow morning?
M1: You can call the front desk for that, ma’am. I’m sure they can help you.

CONVERSATION 2 [F = British]
F2: How may I helpyou?
M2: Hi. I’ve got a bunch of dirty clothes up here. I wonder if someone could come by and pick them up.
F2: I’ll take care of that right away, sir.Is there anything else?
M2: Oh, right. There aren’t enough hangers in the closet.
F2: No problem, sir. I’ll send someone up with some more.CONVERSATION 3
M3: Can I help you?
F3: Hi. I just got back from a meeting and my room is a mess. No one made the bed, and there are towels all over thefloor in the bathroom.
M3: I’m so sorry, ma’am. I’ll send someone up right away.
F3: Thanks. And frankly, my husband and I could use more towels.Would that be a problem?
M3: Of course not, ma’am.

CONVERSAJION 4 [M = Spanish]
F4: Front desk. How may I help you?
M4: He. I just wanted to letyou know that I’m leaving my shoes outside my door. Could someone come up and get them?
F4: Absolutely, sir.

M4: Also, my wife and I are a littlehungry. We haven’t had dinner yet. Can we still get something?
F4: No problem sir. I’ll connect you with someone who can take your order right away.
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