Experimentos Psicologia

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Social psychologist study how social roles, attitudes, relationships or groups influences people to do things theywould not do necessarily by their own, and Cultural psychologist study the broader influence of culture and ethnicity on roles and relationships society
For example in most of the societies womanis the one who must take care of relationships of her family, plain parties, remember birthdays and stuffs like that that and what would happen if she doesn’t? Society would criticize her, and shewould feel uncomfortable; though she doesn’t want to follow this standard that she must.
Every society has rules and roles, every person has a role and this role has norms or rules, in a country existmany norms that every citizen must obey because if they don’t they achieve consequences, there are also moral norms that establish how people have to act, what do they have to considered as good orwrong and if they do something wrong their consequences is a bad feeling, social norms also establish how people have to coexist with others, and if they disobey the established norms society will try tomake them feel uncomfortable.

Every human most have a moral education, values and beliefs that should help to determine their behavior, but how truth is this?

For answer this questions havebeen tasted experiment two of the most important are “The Obedience Study” by Milgram in which he wanted to know how many people will obey an authority when directly order to violate their own ethicalstandards: in this experiment there was “teachers” and “learners” the learner have to memorize some pairs of words, and if he doesn’t the teacher had to give him a electric shock, and the learned makea mistake the teacher have to increase the voltage by another 15 volts it was marked from 0 to 450 volts; in real learners where just actors, they don’t receive any electrical shock but the...
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