Fantasmas para el the legend of zelda: twillight princess

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1, 2, 3, 4) The four first ones are found in Arbitrer's Grounds. You can't miss them as they are required to complete the dungeon.

5) The fifth Poe is found inside Jiovanni's house. It'll be on your way, so you can't miss it.

6) This Poe is floating by the tower at the very top of the village, along the mountainside.

7) Another Poe is floating around the ruins of thehouse that burnt earlier.

8) You'll find this Poe at the back of the graveyard.

9) Also in the graveyard, push all the tombstones and the Poe is inside under one of them.

10) On your way to Death Mountain, climb up the net then head over to the second Goron on your path. Have him throw you up on the ledge above, on your right. The Poe is here.

11) In the swamp area of Faron Woods,go across the platforms again and you'll find this Poe on your way.

12) In the Sacred Grove woods, there is a Poe on a ledge behind a waterfall.

13) Still in the Sacred Grove, head back to the area where you fought the Skull Kid the second time and blow up the boulder in the center to reveal a hidden Poe.

14) Another Poe is in the clearing where you get the Master Sword.

15) In theentrance hall of the Temple of Time (before the actual dungeon), look on the sides of the stairway at the entrance to find two howl statues. Move them out of the wall with the Dominion Rod. The one on the left has a Poe hidden behind.

Hyrule Field
16) This Poe is hanging at the ruined watchpoint at the left of the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

17) Exit Hyrule Castle Town by the southentrance to end up in the backyard. By the pool you'll find the Poe.

18) Exit Hyrule Castle Town by the western exit (the bridge must be fixed) to find the Poe on the bridge.

19) At Kakariko Gorge, look over the hill across the bridge to find a Poe.

20) Still at Kakariko Gorge, cross the small wooden bridge, then go right and look in the rockface for a boulder. Blow it up, then follow the pathinside the cave to find a Poe at one of the forks.

21) In the Faron Province, there is a Poe on the small hill across the wooden bridge.

22) In the field north of Hyrule Castle (where the Zora River flows), look on the bridge over the river to find the Poe.

23, 24) In the same area as #22, look at the right of the bridge for a spot where you can dig in a patch of grass while using thewolf's senses, near a tree. In the cave down there, you'll find two Poes.

25) South of Bridge Hylia (towards Faron Province), you'll pass through a kind of rock tunnel with a huge tree above and some roots. Right after this path, look on the left rockface to spot some boulders. Blow them up with bomb arrows, then use the clawshot on the targets to reach a platform with a Poe on.

Lake Hylia
26)At the right of the spirit's cave, there is some land beside the waterfall where you'll find this Poe. It's right next to the fruit-popping-ballon challenge.

27) At the left of Bridge Hylia, enter Falbi's house and pay 20 Rupees for the Flight-By-Fowl Challenge. Use a cucco to glide over to the colored platform in the center of the lake and land on the lowest level where a Poe is.

28) Goback to the Flight-By-Fowl Challenge and glide over to the left. Land on the cliff by the mountainside where you'll find a Poe.

29) After warping to Lake Hylia, turn around and cross the small footbridge. Hop from one platform to another to reach an area with the Poe.

30) This Poe is right beside the watchtower at the top of the area.

31, 32, 33) In the area with the watchtower, look at theside of the mountain to find a boulder blocking the entrance to a cave. Blow it up, then search the cave for three Poes.

Zora's Domain
34) This Poe is at the Upper Zora River. It's in plain view on the hill overlooking the river.

35) After jumping down the waterfall at Zora's Domain, swim to the shore on your right and you'll find a Poe at the top of the hill.

36) Then swim to the...
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