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Juan Carlos Gonzalez
Brian Worrall
English 1301
12 April 2010
Different Types of Fashion
In every single part of earth we can see many people walking in the street they had some similarities intheir face characteristics or maybe how they talk and what they eat. People are different in many ways like how they dress, talk or walk. Take fashion for example. Exist a lot of different types offashion, but the one that I noticed more I my hometown are the “Cholos”, “Vaqueros”, “Emos” “Popis” (the wealthiest).
In my hometown do not exist too many cholos, but the one that exist make thedifferent. These people are the one that use x-large shirts with some weird symbol in the front like a gun with a rose, and also they use shirts with a car and Jesus in the picture. They think that theyare the strongest and that most of the girl loves them. They use extremely big jeans, with big chains on their sides I think they use this to scare people. These people are the one that always are infights, and in conflicts with the town they do too many stupid things, like paint walls with weird letter that anyone even can’t understand, my little sister knows how to write better that them. Thesepeople know how to live their life in problems and drugs and all that, but they do not know who discover America.
The Vaqueros are the people that always wear boots, tight jeans and wrangle shirtwith a picture of a bull, and always use a cowboy hat. These people are always riding horses, if not they are in the ranch working, these are the people that sell the food in my hometown and are verydelicious. They always are dirty and they don’t care about being dirty. These people know a lot about the ranch and they can ride horse all day without getting tired. Vaqueros are very honorable theynever disrespect the citizens and neither steal or are in problems.
The Emos are the weirdest people I have ever know they always are using black clothes and they also paint their eyes and use some...
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