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FIGURE | fj and bf nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | The diagram shows the wave amplitude between nodes ab and bf called on the Catalans can be seen in the wave amplitude quite high in the range of kilovoltswhile the frequency of the wave is repeated at fairly short it is only visible in millivolts |

FIGURE | Ab and ac nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | in this diagram as well as at first we have thesame range of volts with a lag of 120 degrees, the wave of the wider tine source that the sling of the resistance, but both are Jan diagram in the same range in seconds |

FIGURE | Cd andcg nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | The device cd shows a dysphasic of 120 grades, but with a smaller width that cg, because cg is a source of power and for consequence he/she has the complete voltage givenwithout deviations |

FIGURE | Ad and be nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | These resistances are almost with the same magnitude of deep and almost with the same frequency, also both he/she has anangle of desfase of 120 grades but ad it is in the positive plane while be is in the negative plane due to the opposition of the sources with you strain them walking are. |
|FIGURE | Hk and kl nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | The component hk presents a smaller sling width with negative values, contrary to kl where the value of the voltage is positive presenting a magnitude of aroundseven kilo volts. |

FIGURE | Kh and il nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | In the component il the width of the sling oscillates between the 7 kilo volts because the source with which thisinteractuando is bigger than the one that interactúa with the kh, of there the great difference of widths. |

FIGURE | Dh and di nodes |
DESCRIPTIÓN | The width of the sling in dh is muchsmaller to the one observed in I gave due to the value of the sources of power with those that interaction, the deface Angle is also of 120 grades, which can be seen due to the reduction of the period...
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