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History of Printing

Part 1:
Printing began approximately in year 3000 BC, when the first Mesopotamian civilizations started using several material and instruments like the cylinder seal, to rollan impress onto tablets of clay.
The Chinese and Egyptian followed in the Mesopotamians steps and began using a type of stamp as a seal.
Most of the European countries and India continued the workof these civilizations and created the printing of cloth and paper.

One of the most important events that happened in the history of printing is when the movable system of printing and typographywhere put in effect.
The movable system of printing is a system that uses metal pieces, made by matrices that were struck by letter punches.
After the first movable type system was made in china itspread to Europe and influenced Johannes Gutenberg, a German blacksmith, to develop this technology in Europe and the European age of printing began.
After a few years Johannes Gutenberg created theprinting press, which later led to the printing of the bible and many other classical books from ancient Greece and Roman cultures. The invention of the printing press revolutionized book production andcommunication, which led to the study of the old civilizations. This led to the beginning of the Renaissance and to further periods of discovery.

Before any of these systems of printing wherecreated, publishing and producing texts was a much longer and complicated task to complete. All texts were made with ink and paper and to make large amounts of copies they used a lot of people and theyhad to be concentrated and couldn’t take many pauses between the moments that they were writing.

During the history of printing, many and stages of printing where taken to be where printing is in thepresent. Some of these stages where woodblock printing, chromolithography, screen-printing, digital press, 3D printing etc.

Part 2:

I have chosen laser printing because I am used to using...
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