Filosofia griega

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Hector Fernandez
Skylar´s Wrath
Once upon a time in the skies reigned the two gods Skygar and Cloudley. Skygar was the god of the wind, who was married to Cloudley the goddess ofrain. They bopth had two prodigious kids, two gods named Skylar and Landgar. After the death of Skygar, Cloudley decided to give the kingdom of wind to Skylar, and Cloudley also gave the kingdom ofland to Landgar. Since birth they were separated so they could learn how to control both realms, wind and land respectively. However, Landgar was very spoiled and since the beginning of times, the godSkygar left an inheritance of human kind, technology, houses, animals and paradise to Landgar. They were all like his toys, in the other hand Skylar felt envy of his brother, because he got everythingand he was condemned to live in loneliness in the realm of wind. As days passed by, Landgar´s toys were beginning to pollute Skylar´s realm. However his love for his brother was not strong enough tocontain him from doing something that he would regret. Cloudley found out that Skylar was fulling his realm wioth envy, anger and hatred stored just to unleash it against his brother. So Cloudleydecided to send some clouds from her kingdom to avoid him from feeling all the pollution and contamination. Skylar calmed down a bit, however his loneliness worsen, he was now far away from her other´skingdom and from his brother´s also. Days passed, he entertained himself watching the stars and remembering the day he used to listen to his father´s stories about the creation of the universe. He alsoremembered his words, “when I´m gone, I´ll give you my realm because I know you´re strong enough to protect it from human kind, don´t ever leave your rage punish human kind, just warn them.” However,warnings didn´t seem enough to satisfy Skylar, he sent rain alongside with his mother, storms and sometimes hail. Landgar wasn´t strong enough to control human race, he loved just to watch over them...
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