Flash memory

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This work will occur in the field of memories, but in a specific memory that is flash memory. Be spoken corresponding everything to this memory of both their capabilities, their differences, and can’t miss a brief history (as it evolved and their creators), which uses are given, and the advantages and disadvantages have these, also talk about important concepts of flash memory(components, technology applied to this). Devices will also discuss the internal flash memory.

Flash memory
Flash memory

It is the most versatile type of memory in use; you could say that is a card that is to store lots of information. It is one of the fastest memory storage but not volatile.

Flash History

Its origins come from the floating gate memory created in 1967 by Simon Sze andDawon Kahng, which was the introduction of a new door in the middle of the Transistor, this was a thin layer of oxygen, with the function of the electrons oxygen layer for applying a voltage and that these transfers of cells and stay in the floating gate, so that data remain in memory without power.
After these came a type of ROM in their characteristics in 1971 by the EEPROM(Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), is a type of memory that stores when connected to a computer, ie, with electric energy, but the data remains there, the data contained in those memory is erased with ultraviolets rays. Flash memory came after the EEPROM; it could say it is an improved version.
The flash memory was fabricated by Dr. Fujio Masuoka. Dr. Masuoka change the method erasing informationcell by cell, until deleting whole sections by applying a voltage through a connector cable that connects all the cells and quickly deleting the sections. Today you can see this memory on cell phones, cameras, electronic instruments, and so on.

EEPROM memory Flash memory

Multi-level cell (MLC)

Is a data storage memory is widelyused in manufacturing flash memory, is connected to the NAND flash memory (MLC NAND flash) functions as a storage for bit faster.


Flash memory, unlike ROM is rewritable.
While the RAM is the difference that is not volatile, because the data are still there although it has no energy flow.

External Hard Drive

Flash memory is used as a storage medium in an external harddrive. But there are a difference between these is that the external hard disk contains four times the number of devices containing flash memory.

Types of flash memory

* Compact Flash (CF Card): This is a flash memory has a size of 4.3 cm by 3.6 cm is a removable memory. It is used in camera brands, but has been devalued because it is chip and Idem what makes it heavier and also is notaccepted by all computers. They have a maximum capacity of 4GB.

* Smart Media, is a card that has an EEPROM chip, has the characteristics of a small size disk, is covered with a layer of plastic. Its use is not common because they were only compatible with two or three brands of cameras, and 128 Mb capacities were not as accessible.

* XD Picture Card: One of the memory models designed forthe Olympus brand was designed to replace the Smart Media and its deficiency. Its capacity is 8GB, with a very light structure.

* Sony Memory Stick: was designed by Sony, based on the use of digital video cameras and photography. This can be read by every new computer. Has a maximum capacity of 2GB.

Concepts of anatomy flash memory:

* LEDs: they are transmitting data.

*Button or switch security of writing.

* Port of entry or connector.

Basic concepts

Flash Memory Card

It is widely used in MP3 players, MP4 players, cell phones, PDAs, video games, digital cameras, and so on.

Flash Card Reader

It is a device that reads bar codes cards, chip, and so on. The most used are those that bring adapters SD-MS / Pro, MMC, XD. This device could be both...
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