Flashback narration

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He couldn´t help wondering if he had done the right thing. There was a dead woman lying on the bed and nothing he could do to escape from seeing the appalling scene that had met his eyes.

It was afreezing, autumn night. The leaves of the trees rustled in the cold breeze and clouds threatened a torrential rain the moment Richard got home.
He was an unemployed, depressed man, whose family didnot care about him at all. Not only was he a really lonely man, but also extremely dejected about his life.
One day, he was wandering along the park when he saw a beautiful blonde woman walking herdog and listening to music as she sang what it seemed to be rock music. ¨-She is out of my league¨ he sadly thought. Nevertheless, he realized that his life could not be more miserable than it actuallywas, so he decided to talk to her. Despite the fact that he was terribly scared, for he was really shy and reserved, he did not hesitate.
After they had introduced themselves, they started chattingand without noticing, Richard was making love to her a few hours later.
Only after the passionate intercourse had taken place, did he realize that he had made a terrible mistake. She was a completelystranger and he had agreed to go to her house to have sex.
He was almost asleep when, unexpectedly, the sound of footsteps coming from downstairs jerked him awake. Puzzle, he noticed that thestranger woman sleeping next to him had not heard it, so he decided to wake her up. ¨–you must leave now-¨ the woman shrieked. He decided not to ask her why and started getting dressed as he was lookingfor his missing shoe. Suddenly, a man stormed into the room as if he knew what was happening. Without a word of warning he took out a gun from his suitcase and shot the woman several times until the bedwas completely covered in blood.
Hardly daring to breathe, Richard jumped through the window and although his leg was badly hurt he managed to limp off the garden of the house.
He couldn´t help...
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