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Item & Function, Function & Requirements Potential Failure Mode "Potential Effects of
Failure" SEV Class "Causes of
Failure" OCC Current Process/Design Controls DET RPN "Recommended
actions" "Responsibility,Completion date" "
Actions taken" SEV OCC DET RPN
Entrance Examination:Cou, selectivity test or other opcion Minimum grade cutoff, You need at least 6.5 to study business 5 Many students want to study business 10 The Ministry is the responsible of put Minimum grade cutoff that may vary according to availability of places 5 250 Ministry of Education and Culture through National Instituteof Statistics must make an estimate through of SPC of the students who will be tested the next year 0
Filling out applications High bureaucracy in the education sector 4 Lack of telematics systems faster 10 The ministry collects the papers of students who want to examine (notes from school, identity cards, large family meat, certificates ...) 6 240 Administration of public universitiesperform tests, focus groups for students for simplify the application documents that they have to fill 0
A lot of people Fierce competition among students 6 Many students want to go to college and choose the best professions 9 The Ministry of Education is responsible for allocating each student a career as a function of the note and the choices of these 4 216 The NIS may measure thepotential failures of other careers, Why the career of Business is more attractive in comparison to others? 0
Eight exam in five days Little time to review, rest ... 5 Lack of effective planning by lack of resources 10 The Government states that exams are done in a week and also does control and inspection of these 7 350 The NIS may conduct a study to determine the optimal time required forthe entrance examination. 0
This test is done only in June and September Only have two chances to pass 4 Too many students,few resources 9 Ministry of Education and Culture is launching an entrance exam to university in June, this test may be repeated in September 5 180 Ministry of Education and Culture may conduct a study to see the resources necessary for the realization of another testand see if it is conceivable 0
The correction process is very objective Only possible to demonstrate Knowlege writen 7 You're just a number for the person who fixes your exam 9 University Teachers correct the written tests for university entrance 3 189 The NIS may to assess students' acceptance of a possible oral test that minimice the objective of correction process 0
Choosefrom public or private university. The choice depends on money If you do not have sufficient financial resources you can´t go to a private university 8 Private universities are very expensive 7 The government controls and monitors the number of career that take place in public universities 7 392 The Government should make that every career be available in Public Universities(through better controland inspection of public spending on education can get the funding) 0
Some studies not available in Public Universities like Marketing If you want to study Marketing you have to pay a private university 8 Some new careers aren´t yet in the Public Universities Plan 7 The government controls and monitors the number of career that take place in public universities 6 336 The Governmentshould give scholarship to student that are in Private Universities studing some career don´t available in Public Universities yet(through better control and inspection of public spending on education can get the funding) 0
Private universities have the best installation and fewer students The approximately cost is twelve thousand euro per year 4 Private universities have more financial...
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