For and against essay about videogames

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Videogames are nowadays part of every children life. Almost half of the children or teenagers that we see are playing videogames despite, there are lots of people who find these games addictive andharmful however, videogames also have advantages-
Firstly, videogames increase resistance to distraction and visual acuity as well as your social life because while you are playing online you havethe chance to talk to other players worldwide and games like WiiFit might actually help you lose weight as you are constantly using energy.
On the other hand, people can become very addict tovideogames reaching the point of dropping work or school and some may even stop eating because of their addiction. In addition, Some people can become desensitized to violence when they play a lot of violentvideo games and think violence is not harmful.
To sum up, videogames have both advantages and disadvantages and they are not harmful as long as we do not become addicts and use them as a distraction.Pros (Advantages):
* Increases resistance to distraction (especially when playing action games).
* Increased visual acuity. Your peripheral vision is improved quite significantly.
* Agreat social activity, whether playing some games at a party or playing games online.
* Can teach people more about life. Virtual pet games, for example, can help teach people about what is involvedin raising a pet.
* Puzzle, adventure and word games can help improve problem solving and logic skills. Sudoku is a game that greatly increases these skills. Adventure games where you have tocomplete certain goals can also help you to ‘think outside the box’ (note that if you use a walkthrough, you aren’t increasing any of these skills).
* Can be used to assist in education. Studies haveshown that children playing educational games learn more because they do not realize that they are learning.
* Increases attention span.
* They are fun!
* If you are playing the...
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