Foreigner in australia

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1. What does WWOOF mean, and how does it work?

2. What did Antonio offer Daniel and why was it such an excellent opportunity for him?

Chapter 1
1. What were Daniel’s travel plans inAustralia?

2. Who did Daniel meet on the plane and what did he learn about her past?

3. Who were the “stolen generation”?

4. What does the phrase “a fair go for all” mean and why did Mr Rudduse it?

Chapter 2
1. Where did Rick take Daniel and why did Daniel object at first?

2. Describe the people in the café near the beach.

3. Who is Sandy and what did she offer Daniel?

4.What was unusual about the first performance at Sydney Opera House and what does it show about de country?

Chapter 3
1. What do we learn about the early white inhabitants of Sydney?

2. Why wereonly the minor criminals sent to Sydney and not the murderers?

3. Who lived in Australia before the arrival of the English and how were they treated?

4. What was The Rocks known for in the 19thcentury and what happened to it in the end?

Chapter 4
1. Where did Becky want to take Daniel and where does the place get its name from?

2. How did the three sisters become rocks?

Chapter 51. Where did Guy take Daniel and why was Daniel amazed?

2. How did Daniel feel when he saw the humpback whale and what did he learn about whales?

3. What was Daniel’s routine when he was stayingat Seal Rocks?

Chapter 6
1. Who is Ananda and why did need Daniel’s help?

2. What was the surprising about the girl who was swimming?

3. Where did Daniel and Emily go and what did he likeabout the place?

4. How did Daniel and Emily spend their last day together?

5. How had Daniel and Emily’s relationship developed by this stage?

Chapter 7
1. What is the Woodford Maleny FolkFestival and why did Daniel go there for free?

2. How was it possible for Rick to join Daniel at the festival and what was their working arrangement?

3. How was the café different from a normal...
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