Galapagos Islands

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The Galapagos islands in the archipelago are the most spectacular and unique islands on the face of the earth and lie approximately 970km to the west of the Ecuadorian Pacific coastline.
The sixmajor islands where most tourism and inhabitants live are San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Isabela and Floreana. Santiago and Fernandinaare completely uninhabited. In addition there are further 12 smallislands namelyBaltra and the uninhabited islands of Santa Fé, Pinzón, Española, Rábida,Daphne, Seymour, Genovesa, Marchena, Pinta, Darwin and Wolf and 40 other smaller islets also spread throughout thearchipelago.
The islands are of course infamous for the varied and unique teeming fearless and friendly wildlife proliferating on the islands as well as the many endemic species such as the gianttortoise that have developed due to the islands remoteness during past by gone millenniums in addition to the flora and fauna that have developed independent of the more generic main land species.
The fish,sea-lions and penguins will also let you swim with them and are playful in friendship with their newly found playmates and in addition to the out of this world exotic volcanic lakes in shades ofemerald green as well as live volcanic activity and spitting lava with cruises throughout the islands. This once in a life time experience is a must for visitors to Ecuador.

Las islas Galápagos en elarchipiélago son las islas más espectaculares y únicos sobre la faz de la tierra y se encuentran a unos 970 kilometros al oeste de la costa ecuatoriana del Pacífico.
Las seis grandes islas, donde lamayoría de los habitantes viven del turismo y son San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz, Isabela y Floreana. Santiago y Fernandina están completamente deshabitadas. Además, hay otras 12 pequeñas islas Baltra asaber y de las islas deshabitadas de Santa Fe, Pinzón, Española, Rábida, Daphne, Seymour, Genovesa, Marchena, Pinta, Darwin y Wolf, y 40 otros islotes más pequeños también se extienden por todo el...
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