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We carry out this work to investigate and understand the different types of desserts that are in our country and according to this diversity to choose one to prepare and delight alittle taste of our teachers and peers.


a. Why did you decide to prepare that dessert?

R/ Because we like the cheese and also was a good opportunity to learn how to prepare adessert with this ingredient.

b. How did prepare it?

R/ Ingredients:
A pound of cheese
A can of condensed milk
One can of condensed
A jar of cream
Two packs ofgelatins.

Take the cheese with the milk bag then add the cream and condensed milk.
Apart prepare the gelatin added to the mixture and place in refrigerator for twohours and after that time can serve.

c. Where did you get ingredients and how much did you spend?

R/ Ingredients we buy at the supermarket and spend twenty pesos.

d. Did youreceive any help or any guidance from any friend or relative?

R/ If we receive the guidance of our mothers .

e. What kind of learning did you get from this activity?

R/ Learned that change isgood activity and that in preparing this dessert was pleased to learn it.

f. When would you recommend your dessert and why would you do it?

R/ Recommend this dessert for any meeting as it ispleasant to the taste of any person.

g. How do you feel by doing this kind of activity?

R/ we feel good and was an enjoyable activity outside the daily routine is simple but has seeminglycomplicated part.

h. What kind of obstacles do you think you have to get over by performing this activity?

R/ We must learn to add the ingredients at the time but made it precise sowe can spoil.


* Choose the dessert by mutual agreement after having a lot of research.

* Learned to prepare a seemingly simple dessert.

* Note that...
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