Gender Role

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6. If you feel that you have been pressed into an unappreciated, unreasonable role- built-in babysitting, listening post, or girl (or boy or man or women) Friday- write an essay of 500 words thatwill help the reader to see both your plight and the injustice of the system.
The gender roles have been put and the mayoralty of women and men follow those rules. But why a man cannot help in thehousework? Of all the areas woman women are discriminated, this is the one more frequent. Because the “macho” type of men cannot do such things like this. But, what is some of those men chance? What cancome out of that?
For most men staying in the house does not work for them. Washing dishes is a total trauma for most men. Some of them say that they are not the ones who do that work. The women arethe ones for this kind of job. So, because is not their work it means they cannot do it.
Taking care of the children is none of their business. They are too noisy and demanding for him handle. Thewomen can take that kind of pressure. When their kids are babies all they do is crying, eat, and sleep. It is a long and constant repetition for them to manage. When they are sick, take them to thedoctor and staying with them in the house to take care of them. Also, when they are in the school, the assignments and projects are uncountable. All things that involved the children are too much toohandle for them. That is why they give all the care of the kids to women. Because, for most men a woman is designed to handle and give good care of children.
Picking up the dust and do the laundry isunacceptable. For most men is like having an army of babies. How can they clean and do the laundry at the same time? They can barely walk and talk at the same time. Even if you ask one man to helpyou with one shore of them, like picking up the dust, they complain. They probably tell you ‘I am too busy, watching television… the Red Socks are winning’ or ‘Today is my day off work.’ They leave...
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