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PHP Pdf Creation
Module-free creation of Pdf documents from within PHP
developed by R&OS Ltd version 0.09

R&OS -

Introduction Changes
version 009 version 008 version 007 version 006 version 005 version 004 notes from version003

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Use Extensions EZPDF Class Extension
Cezpdf ezSetMargins ezSetCmMargins ezNewPage ezInsertMode ezSetY ezSetDy ezTable ezText ezImage ezStartPageNumbers ezWhatPageNumber ezStopPageNumbers ezOutput ezStream ezColumnsStart ezColumnsStop inline codes

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Base Class Functions
addText setColor setStrokeColorsetLineStyle line curve ellipse partEllipse polygon filledRectangle rectangle newPage getFirstPageId stream getFontHeight getFontDecender

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getTextWidth addTextWrap saveState restoreState openObject reopenObject closeObject addObject stopObject addInfo setPreferences addImageaddJpegFromFile addPngFromFile output openHere selectFont setFontFamily setEncryption addLink addInternalLink addDestination transaction

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Callback functions Units

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Whats all this crap I see, my page is broken ? What page sizes can I use ? What is this Call to undefined function: imagecreatefromjpeg()error about ? Does this work with accented characters ? How can I write the PDF file to a static file on the webserver? How do I do Hello World? Can I put the fonts directory somewhere else ? Can I see the code behind the online demo ? What values can I give for the setPreferences method labels? my accented characters do not work with full justification? I just get a blank page? So what are the pagesizes? why am I getting this array_search() function missing? I get an error which says bad value for BBOX in font! How should I do debugging ?! Is there a code example for writing the file to disk and redirecting? How do I get the Euro character to show in my text? How do I get the symbolic fonts (eg zapfdingbats) working? How do I make a table from my database information?

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This class is designed to provide a non-module, non-commercial alternative to dynamically creating pdf documents from within PHP. Obviously this will not be quite as quick as the module alternatives, but it is surprisingly fast, this demonstration page is almost a worstcase due to the large number of fonts which are displayed. There are a number of features which can be within a Pdf document that it is not at the moment possible to use with this class, but I feel that it is useful enough to be released. This document describes the possible useful calls to the class, the readme.php file (which will create this pdf) should be sufficient as an introduction. Notethat this document was generated using the demo script 'readme.php' which came with this package.

version 009
- support for underlining in the ezPdf class (but only in the base class functions using the callback function directly). - improvements to the underlining of the links, so that it is sized and positioned better, will work with angled text now. - automatic column support. - someimprovements to the table functions. Can set row and column gaps. The table will not now split rows across pages by default. - addition of transaction control support to the base class (this is quite useful, recommend advanced users take special note). - numerous small bug fixes, including notably some bugs relating to the inclusion of fonts, especially when using the differences array to take...
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