Genesis and catastrophe

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When: 1889 Hitler

Where: In the hospital, in Austria.

Themes: birth (nacimiento), death(muerte), grief(miedo), fear(dolor), hope (esperanza).

Characters:inkeeper’s wife: she is taking care of the baby Vich just been born.

Klara: A woman who had been said all the time and people had never seen her laugh. She had the terrible experience tha her previouschildren died.

Alois: Klara’s husband. He was an alcoholic and overbearing person, who didn’t seem to care a lot about his wife and the death of their previous children.

Doctor: He had to tell hisfather about the birth of their new son and calm the situation

The story was about a woman who had just given birth to a son. She already had given birth to three children but all the three of themdied, because of that she couldn’t believe the doctor when he said that she would have a healty baby.
After the doctor asked the woman how this child would be named, she ansewered to him that it’sname will be Adolf. When her husband, witht it`s last name Hitler, was in the hospital to payed her a visit, he thinks that the new baby was a very weak and little baby. He wasn’t very pleased aboutthe physical conditions of the baby. The doctor tryed to convince the husband of the woman, but it didn’t worked out well. The story ended with Klara was praying , “ he must live, Alois” Oh God bemerciful into him now.

The tittle was a controposition because, Genesis mean the begining of something, in this case, the birth of the baby and catastrophe means destruction, in this case thedeath of the other babys.

The mother was a young woman which had been sad the whole time in the story and people had never seen her laugh. She was very friendly and also very religious. Thefather was an overbearing, arrogant and alcoholic person, and adolf had inherited the bad things of the father instead of the good things of the mother.

The mother requested mercy for his son but...
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