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By: Jonathan P.

he incredible CERAGEM company is responsible for the creation of beds for Thermo therapy,which helps people with their diseases, are located in San Salvador, the opening its facilities on September 3, 2012.
CERAGEM Company is globally recognized for their furniture, but Thermotherapeutic beds are that people want more.

This company is originally from Korea and has 70 centers CERAGEM in countries around the world, including China, Germany, Chile, Turkey, Russia among others.
InEl Salvador, many people say that thank CERAGEM have healed of various diseases.
José Portillo says: "CERAGEM is spectacular; I was suffering from a back pain unbearable, also of diabetes, but nowwith the Thermo therapies diabetes no longer affects me too and back pain no longer bother me".
Many testimonies of people with very serious health problems have been cured with this new technology ofthermo massage.
Gloria Rivas says: "at first CERAGEM was just something commercial, but with different sessions of thermo massage, my kidney problem was disappearing over time. Today I can say thatthanks to CERAGEM I am free of all disease"
Lucia Moreno says: "after attending the Thermo therapies since the inauguration of CERAGEM, I no longer feel discomfort in my legs." It was all thanks tothe patience that I showed to be able to improve, also down 5 kg since I was overweight and all this was thanks to CERAGEM."

Pedro Cuellar says: "I attended the Thermo therapy because my wiferecommended me to attend alongside her, unfortunately he suffered from hypertension, but after taking more than 30 sessions Thermo therapeutic in CERAGEM hypertension disappeared completely".
Many peoplereceive the thermal therapies. Picture Taken by Jonathan P.

The methodology to take the thermal therapies CERAGEM installations is very simple.
Persons who wish to take their Thermo therapy...
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