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Globalization, economic crisis and national strategies for higher education development.

We can appreciate that the author counts with the sufficient knowledge to argueabout the topic is talking about. There is a brief explanation of his work is published, showing he is an expert in his field.
In the text; opinions, views and ideas of the author are well explained.With his arguments, he gives a good reference of his preparation in this field.

2.Reliability / Validity

The text comes from the IIEP. Website which is an organization dedicated toeducational research that counts with complete information about the topic of the article (globalization and economic crisis). This is supported by the UNESCO another very important and credibleinternational organization.
Also, the author gives a list of references of important sources which he relied to show his arguments. The sources can also be checked to gain more information about the topic.3. Objectivity / Subjectivity
The text has reliable information. As we can see, it presents facts, research and a table of real studies done by sources with the knowledge in the specific fieldgiving an objective opinion. All opinions backed by evidence.

The text is based on information with dates of publishing of each of the sources the atuhor relied to write the article.This gives credibility to the content of the text.
However, the date of publication of the article is not seen and the dates of the sources are not recent (2008), so the information could be alittle old if we want to consult it.

5.Academic Conventions
The language style is suitably academic, without idiomatic terms.
The author uses appropriate and formal words giving to the topic astrong credibility.
The structure is academic, giving to the text logical sense.
As well it includes an extensive list of references that shows a good basis to support the arguments in the text....
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