Glocalization, Grobalization, Creolization, Standarization And Apparudai's Landscapes

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1st homework of 2nd partial: definitions

Glocalization is the interaction between two groups of people which share any issue or situation. These interactions may be useful inorder to develop any country or to establish a peace bond between countries and within countries (CERFE, 2003). Grobalization is basically the growth of big corporations spreading through the world.Contrasting Glocalization and Grobalization, a possible simple conclusion may be “grobalization fosters nothing, while glocalization fosters something”. Something, according to Ritzer, is any socialaspect that is somehow unique or specific of a certain community and nothing is any social aspect which shows itself collectively serial and without any unique value. The four contrasts betweensomething and nothing are places, people, things and services. A place is a specific location where there are specific aspects which make it unique, while a non-place is a serial type of place which is equalto any other that shared its brand or kind. With the other three contrasts the dynamic is actually the same; therefore, any something is a singular thing, service or person, while any nothing (non)is a universal thing, service or people which make any of these ones no transcendental to their functions (Beckfield, 2007).
Creolization is the blending of cultural aspects between differentcommunities. These aspects origin from an original culture and eventually joined together when European people started spreading around the world. This idea is basically the equilibrium between thecultures that met each other even though one was conquered and the other one was conquerors. (Cohen, 2007)
There are five landscapes that Appadurai refer where each one is independent and designate tocultural diversity and heterogeneity. Individuals make their own perspective of each landscape nesting through controllers and controlled individuals; each one making their respective function in order...
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