Glossary of telecommunications terms

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1.5-way paging Refers to guaranteed message receipt or advanced messaging, ensuring subscribers receive messages sent when they're out of range, but users cannot send text pages. Two-way paging allows users to send and receive. Coined by SkyTel Communications Inc. 1.7-way paging A paging service that offers more than guaranteed messaging but not asmuch as full two-way paging. The subscriber has limited response messaging, such as canned messages, rather than the ability to create responses. 10 Base-T Basic Ethernet at 10 Mbit/sec. 100 Base-T Ethernet running at 100 Mbit/sec. 1000 Base-T Ethernet running at 1,000 Mbit/sec. 1080i Type of high-definition television (HDTV) image that is 1,080 vertical lines by 1,920 horizontal pixels wide,displayed in an interlaced format. (It has a 16:9 aspect ratio, 29.97 Hz frame rate, as defined by the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) standard.) 1394 The standard for a digital connection or bus used to transfer data between two independent systems. The 1394a standard provides 400-Mbps bandwidth and the reach is limited to 3 or 4 meters. The 1394b standard extends the bandwidth to 800Mbps and the reach to a whole-house environment. 1996 Telecommunications Act Legislation designed to spur competition among wireless and wireline carriers. Signed into law by President Clinton Feb. 8, 1996.














Glossary of Telecommunications Terms. 1G See First Generation. 1xEV-DO CDMA 1x Evolution - Data Only.Obsolete ter. 1xEV-DV CDMA 1x Evolution - Data and Voice services. Based on Qualcomm HDR. 1XRTT cdma2000 operating mode at basic chip rate (1.2288 Mcps)


2D operating mode A two-dimensional GPS position fix that includes only horizontal coordinates (no GPS elevation). It requires a minimum of three visible satellites. 2G See Second Generation. 2R Receive, Reshape (an optical signal). 3:2pull-down Method used to map the 24 fps of film onto the 30 fps (60 fields) of 525-line TV, so that one film frame occupies three TV fields, the next two, etc. It means the two fields of every other TV frame come from different film frames making operations such as rotoscoping impossible, and requiring care in editing. Some sophisticated equipment can unravel the 3:2 sequence to allowframe-by-frame treatment and subsequently re-compose 3:2. The 3:2 sequence repeats every five TV frames and four film frames, the latter identified as A-D. Only film frame A is fully on a TV frame and so exists at one time code only, making it the editable point of the video sequence. 3D operating mode A three-dimensional GPS position fix that includes horizontal coordinates, plus elevation. It requires aminimum of four visible satellites. 3G See Third Generation. 3G Third Generation. Refers to the next generation of wireless systems - digital with high speed data. Being standardized by 3GPP and 3GPP2 3GiA 3G Internet Appliance 3GPP 3rd Generation Partnership Project for W-CDMA (GSM)

Glossary of Telecommunications Terms. 3GPP2 3rd Generation Partnership Project for cdma2000. 3GSP 3G ServiceProvider 3R Reshaping, Retiming, Reamplifying (an optical signal). 3WC Three Way Call. 3XRTT cdma2000 operating mode at 3 times the basic chip rate of 1.2288 Mcps.


4:1:1 This is a set of sampling frequencies in the ratio 4:1:1, used to digitize the luminance and color difference components (Y, R-Y, B-Y) of a video signal. The four represents 13.5 MHz, the sampling frequency of Y, and the oneseach 3.75 MHz for R-Y and B-Y. With the color information sampled at half the rate of the 4:2:2 system, this is generally used as a more economical form of sampling for 525-line picture formats. Both luminance and color difference are still sampled on every line. But the latter has half the horizontal resolution of 4:2:2, while the vertical resolution of the color information is maintained. For...
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