Glossary of tape terms

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A word coined from the abbreviation of "Adhesion at constant angle and stress". ACAS is a measure of the rate of removal of a strip of tape at a constant angle under constant stress from a specific surface in the range of 0° to 180° removal angle. (See Peel, Shear Adhesion)

A synthetic organic fiber produced by esterifying cellulose with acetic acid or acetic anhydride.ACRYLATE
1. Adhesive: various elastic polymers of acrylic esters used for p.s. tapes. These polymers have outstanding aging life.
2. Low Ad. Bksze: non-elastic copolymers of acrylic acid and acrylic esters (usually longer chain esters than used for adhesives).
3. Treatment: usually rigid polymers of acrylic esters, such as ethyl, used for emulsion paper treatment.

The stickingtogether of substances in contact with each other.
The strength of the bond of a p.s. adhesive to a given surface after contact has been effected by some means. See #4 Bond.

A failure of the adhesive because of insufficient cohesive strength, manifesting itself as a cleavage within the adhesive layer. This results In an adhesive residue left on the surface from which thetape is removed with a partial adhesive coat still adhering to the tape backing.

Same as offsetting. Adhesive transfer is usually used to identify the deposition of adhesive on some surface other than the tape

An adhesomer is a polymer with the correct physical properties, which can be used by itself as a pressure sensitive adhesive. Adhesomers are aparticular kind of elastomers, which do not require the addition of a tackifying agent - they are complete p.s. adhesives in themselves.

Abbreviation of acetate fiber tape.

A backsize coating usually composed of an alkyd-ureaformaldehyde resin used as a release agent on the backside of rubber-resin, or other treated tapes. Alkabize is a word coined by contracting “alkydbacksize".

A term used to describe the bond between the adhesive and the face side of the backing. (See P2 Bond.)

A treatment for paper to improve resistance to water.

The state of a relatively firm polymer (to be used in tape making) before it is depolymerized. In the "A" Stage, the polymer is characterized as having more cohesion than adhesion.(See B & C Stage, Eocohesive, 4-Fold Balance.)

The basic element of tape, which carries the adhesive layer. The material on which the adhesive is coated and wound into rolls.

1. Of Tape, the uncoated side or the side opposite the adhesive side.
2. Of Creped Paper, the side which has less prominent ridges and thus a smoother surface.
3. Of Flat Paper, the side which was incontact with the Four-drinier screen of the paper making machine, or smoother side.

A sealing type of non-tacky resinous material applied from solution, dispersion, or hot melt to the backside of tape to form a thin layer which is bonded to the backing and to provide a surface for adhesive release. (See Low Adh. Back.)

The firming or vulcanizing of unsaturated organicmaterials with an oil soluble heat reactive phenol-aldehyde resin.

A rubber or plastic masticator consisting of two parallel humped rolls revolving within an enclosed space. It develops high shear stresses, and accomplishes generally the same thing as a mill but in a shorter time.

A spool-like cylinder used to wind warp yarn.

That roll directly under the hopperopening of a knife coating machine. This roller freely rotates as the web passes over it. The bed roll position determine coating orifice; the roll can be raised or lowered by means of adjustable screws in order to open and close the orifice.

The undesirable migration of plasticizers, pigments, low mol. wt. oxidation products of rubber and resin, etc., from, or through a tape to the...
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