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If you really want a good friendship, you must have some, or all of this aspects:
Because we all have defects, some of them because our family, education, …But when a person trust us and give us his afection, we must see the positive things aboutthat person and learn his/her virtues, and accepting her/him with his/her defects, that’re a lot, but we all have.

But not everything about friendship is good, there’s also thehypocritical friendships, in which one of them looks for his or her own benefit, instead for both happiness.
In this relationships that fake person is acting like everything was fine, but whenthey’re not next to you they always criticize you, and after a while they act like they’ve never known you, and you still don’t belive what’s happening because that person promised to you “always andforever”, and you didn’t think that person was going to betrayed you; i mean, you didn’t expect nothing of this. Then you feel like you’ve been used…and if that was a friendship for a lifetime, it hurts evenmore because you feel you’ve been wasting your time with someone who honestly dind’t worth it.

But fake friendships wherever you’re going, they’re going with you, and that’s the thing, when you lessexpect it, they hurt you the most, and it ends being something like “i don’t know you at all, stop following me as if you were my friend” . Of course that hurts, but you’ve to move on and think “Ihaven’t lost anything” “in fact i’ve being winning because going with that people wasn’t good for me, i’ven’t closed any door, i’ve opened the happiness door”
That would be acting with optimism,because YES, there’re BAD friends, but as I’ve said one can’t close in its shell, but moving on, giving yourself the oportunity of knowing people and that way learning to be a good friend.

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