Graphic Novels

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Graphic novels should be used for class for the simple reason that it makes students pay more attention in class. They always complain that regular books are too boring because they are full oflong paragraphs of texts which usually wear the readers out. Graphic novels are different than comics because graphic novels are made to develop critical thinking skills and not just entertainingimages. Graphic novels should be used in class because students are more likely to pay attention and understand better.
As it was mentioned before, young adults are more likely to understand graphicnovels better. Images create a better sense of imagery than just words on their own. They will be able to think critically, and thus improving their judgment. As told by some of the major librarymedia specialists, “If you acquire graphic novels, young adults will come” (Mooney 58). This is complemented by the fact that there are many topics to which students can relate to, not just a singleboring topic of no interest to them.
“There is a synergy between words and pictures in comics such that their combined effect is greater than or different from what might have been predicted” (Varnum59). Images and words form a greater duo than just words or pictures alone. A picture says more than a thousand words, although somewhat true, does not take into account a combination of both. Bycombining both, there is an exact situation. Readers don´t have to imagine anything different from what is happening and that helps them understand easier.
Graphic novels should be included inclass programs because they promote new ways to see art and literature. They also fortify critical thinking, comprehending and research skills, just to name a few. Young students will be happier readinggraphic novels because of the smaller amounts of texts, easier understanding, and more precise descriptions. There are not that many disadvantages that graphic novels hold over regular text novels.
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