Great expectations

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Great Expectations, Chapters 1-3, Activities.
1- Why did Pip often visit the churchyard?
Because his parents died when he was a baby.
2- Whatdid Pip think "bringing up by hand" meant?
He thought that this expression meant he was brought up by hand.
3- Why did Pip steal from thekitchen for the convict?
Because he was very afraid of the convict who said that he would cut his throat if he wouldn´t bring him some food.
4- Whydid the convict need the file?
He needed the file to cut his chains.
5- Why did the convict tell the soldiers he had stolen food from theblacksmith´s house?
Because the food Pip stole from the blacksmith´s house was for the convict, and he didn´t want the boy were punished for that.
6-What happened with the two escaped convicts?
They were caught by the soldiers and sent back to the jail on the prision-ship.
7- Why did MissHarvisham invite Pip to her house?
Because she felt so lonely and she wanted the presence of a child playing in her huge house in town.
8- What wasstrange about Miss Harvisham?
She was wearing an old wedding dress and dead flowers in her head with only one shoe on. Furthermore she said thatshe has never seen the sun
since he was born at least.
9- How did Pip feel about Estella?
She liked him. But he thought she was very proudand rude.
10- Why did Pip lie to his family about his visit to Miss Harvisham?
Because Estella told him he was just a common working boy.

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