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Disaster Project

Name: Sophia Azofeifa Jimenez

I. Disaster: Earthquake in Haiti

A. Natural or Man Made: Natural

B. Location: Haiti

C. Date Occurred: January 12th 2010

D. Causes:

II. Initial Impact

A strong Earthquake measuring 7.0 degrees on the Richter scale devastated the west of Haiti, the most affected City us the capital Port au Prince, and caused massive devastationto the city. It is estimated that the Quake destroyed more than 4.000 buildings in the capital and caused 250.000 fatalities. The damage caused by the Earthquake of January 12 in Haiti could exceed twice the annual economic value of the country. The economy of Haiti is the poorest of America and the Northern Hemisphere.

B. Global impact

Unfortunately, the world health organization (WHO) hashad to implement his plan once again for health action in crises. This time, the affected country is Haiti, once of the world’s poorest nations and because of the emergency and Earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale has killed over 230.000 people. Although it has not yet reported any epidemic of water pollution and air due to the putrefaction of corpses, the Red Cross announced outbreaks ofdiarrhea, infections, tetanus and meningitis, among other diseases. Similarly, physicians providing services in the Caribbean nation confirmed the occurrence of new cases of PTSD, a psychological disorder that usually affects those who have experienced a traumatic situation.

III. Immediate Response

The desperation and enormity of the situation has inspired Americans to respond quickly andgenerously.  In just the first two weeks after the quake, 40 charities received more than half a billion dollars in donations to support their relief efforts in Haiti.  If you are inspired to give it is important that you do your due diligence first.  To help in that effort, we offer this list of a few of our 3 and 4-star charities responding to the crisis along with a synopsis of their plans. Eachof these charities has a history of working on massive disasters and of working in Haiti. Some associations decided to send help for Haiti. They sending: hygiene items and cooking’s, food, water, $5 millions of medical aid to survivors including antibiotics, pain relievers, bandages. The United States sending humanitarian assistance civil and military. The entire world brings help for Haiti.IV. Long Term Effects

The long-term effects of the devastating earthquake in Haiti are returning gradually clarifying the missions of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in remote areas of the country. The main needs are related to health, shelter, water, sanitation and nutrition, and have immediate and future consequences. Many thousands of people have migrated from the capital, whetherfor work, to be with their families or simply because they want to stay in a Puerto Príncipe devastated. The recovery will depend largely on the economic situation of the people, but all families and infrastructure will be subject to increasing pressure. President Obama offered help to aid the reconstruction of Haiti. The Haitian people have a long road of recovery ahead. The long term effects ofstress are just really hitting their stride. The long-term effects of stress are really hitting his step. It would not be surprising that many of the people behind to deal with the nightmares, panic attacks and PTSD. It will be interesting to see what the future holds and if the other countries of the world to achieve their goals of r myth or reality to help the Haitian people.

V. The Scienceof the Disaster
A. Speed and Acceleration

People running: D/T= 3M*S/1SEC

V= 3/1 = 3M/s

Acceleration: 0.30*9.8=2.94m/s2

Ambulance: 4miles/5minutes= 0.8 miles/minute.

B. Free Fall
Tree: 15m ∫2*9.8=∫19.6 V=17.14m/s*2.2=37.70mph.

T=2*15meters= V∫2*15/9.8=∫2.16=1.47seconds.

A tree during the Haiti Earthquake was at height of 15 meters. When the Earthquake struck the...
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