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IBM Systems and Technology
Solution Brief

Analyze SAP
transactional business
operations in real time
Introducing the IBM Systems solution for SAP
In-Memory Appliance, SAP HANA


SAP In-Memory Appliance
(SAP HANA™) running on IBM® eX5
enterprise servers enables faster access
to SAP operational data and information
with near real-time visibility into businessoperations

Powerful and scalable IBM eX5 enterprise servers powered by the Intel®
Xeon® processor E7 series speed
in-memory processing, enabling the
analysis of massive amounts of business
and operational data

Workload Optimized Solutions for SAP
HANA deliver leading performance and
scaling with faster deployment

In today’s data-driven culture, tools for business analysis arequickly
evolving. Organizations need new ways to leverage critical data on the fly
to not only accelerate decision making, but also to gain insights into key
trends. The ability to instantly explore, augment and analyze all data in
near-real time could deliver the competitive edge your organization needs
to make better decisions faster—as well as take advantage of favorable
market conditions,customer trends, price fluctuations and other factors
that directly influence the bottom line.
The SAP In-Memory Appliance (SAP HANA), delivered on IBM eX5
enterprise servers with fifth-generation IBM Enterprise X-Architecture®
technology (eX5), helps transform the enterprise by addressing current
needs while delivering the robust scalability and performance needed to
accommodate growth. SAP HANArunning on powerful IBM eX5 enterprise servers combines the speed and efficiency of in-memory processing
with the ability to analyze massive amounts of business data—enabling
companies to eliminate barriers between real-time events and real-time
business decisions.

Innovative analytic appliance
To support today’s information-critical business environment, SAP
HANA gives companies theability to process huge amounts of data faster
than ever before. The appliance lets business users instantly access, model

IBM Systems and Technology
Solution Brief

and analyze all of a company’s transactional and analytical data
from virtually any data source in real time, in a single environment, without impacting existing applications or systems.

The result is acceleratedbusiness intelligence (BI), reporting
and analysis capabilities with direct access to the in-memory
data models residing in SAP In-Memory Database software.
Advanced analytical workflows and planning functionality
directly access operational data from SAP ERP or other
sources. SAP HANA provides a high-speed data warehouse
environment, with SAP In-Memory Database serving as anext-generation, in-memory acceleration engine.

To explore, model and analyze data in real time without impacting existing applications or systems, SAP HANA can be leveraged as a high-performance “side-by-side” data mart to an
existing data warehouse; it can also replace a data warehouse by
adding in-memory acceleration features powered by IBM eX5
enterprise servers.

Delivered on IBM eX5enterprise servers that provide leading
performance and scalability, SAP HANA efficiently processes
and analyzes massive amounts of data by packaging SAP’s use of
in-memory technology, columnar database design, data compression and massive parallel processing together with essential
tools and functionality such as data replication and analytic

IBM DB2 enables advanced replicationscenario
IBM and SAP have cooperated closely to enable the advanced
replication scenario for IBM DB2® customers implementing
SAP HANA. IBM DB2 is SAP HANA–ready and can efficiently replicate data into SAP HANA in near-real time using
Sybase Replication Server. SAP ERP systems based on
IBM DB2 can seamlessly support demanding business needs
for real-time reporting based on the latest available...
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