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Material Handling Solutions Worldwide

FKI Logistex — material handling solutions worldwide

A global supplier of integrated equipment and systems

“FKI Logistex enjoys global partnerships with some of the best-known companies in the world. Project execution in multiple countries is proof of our global management capabilities.” - Reg Gott Managing Director FKI Logistex

Your one-stop,single-source provider FKI Logistex is a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of automated material handling solutions, supplying our customers with a comprehensive set of leading-edge technologies in high-speed sortation, conveyor systems, palletizing, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), software and controls, order fulfillment, RFID, and baggage handling and screening.The experience and the resources Applying modern material flow automation requires the right experience, the right products, and the right personnel. The FKI Logistex sales, engineering and project management teams understand the unique requirements of our clients, and work closely together to create the material flow system best suited to each customer’s operations and business practices. Global solutions for global markets

Airports FKI Logistex provides high-speed, automated baggage handling for large and small airports and airlines around the world. Using the latest proven technologies — including radio frequency identification (RFID) and explosive detection system (EDS) integration — FKI Logistex provides the high-speed screening, hold baggage storage (HBS), transport and sortingsystems required to ensure the timely arrival of passenger luggage to the right aircraft or terminal at the right time — even in the most time-critical schedules.

Postal FKI Logistex is a leading integrator and provider of innovative material flow solutions for postal operations worldwide. Our postal specialists bring together the products, experience and manufacturing capacity of our worldwideorganization to meet the unique needs of highspeed, high-accuracy postal processing, including sorting and distribution systems for bulk and tray mail, and mail package receipt verification systems for international and domestic mail.

Parcel FKI Logistex provides advanced material flow solutions for the courier, express and parcel handling market. Our integrated systems combine proven andinnovative technologies to provide precisely controlled conveying, sortation and weighing, along with reliable tracking of parcels and information. FKI Logistex systems are at work in parcel hubs around the globe, including the most advanced parcel sorting matrix in the world, capable of handling 300,000 “smalls” per day. Our parcel customers count on us to deliver dependable, high-speed and accuratethroughput.

Products and services to meet your material handling needs

Manufacturing FKI Logistex supplies fully integrated solutions for automated material flow in the manufacturing sector, including food and beverage, newspaper, converted paper, electronics, pharmaceutical and automotive. Effective and reliable integrated systems from FKI Logistex are used by successful manufacturersaround the globe who enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and reduced operating costs.

Warehouse and Distribution FKI Logistex provides fast, accurate and efficient material handling, sorting and order-picking solutions for the warehouse and distribution environments. Our projects include the most sophisticated, high-throughput distribution centers and warehouses in the retail, mail-order,e-commerce, technology, apparel and pharmaceutical industries. FKI Logistex technology helps these organizations optimize their supply chain and maximize their material handling ROI.

“Executing the world’s most sophisticated material handling automation projects requires financial strength and stability. As a part of FKI plc, FKI Logistex has what it takes.” - Ranjit Bhabra Financial Director...
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