Health Aging

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Health aging

The aging in the people is a stage that many or mostly all human beings have to face at certain age of their lives. Now a day, you can see many couples of advanced age (aging people),they are persons that enjoy their live and sometimes some persons live their life better than a younger person.

The aging people have to care more of other things than the younger people, thosething are the health that is a very serious topic talking about the aging people, because they are more susceptible to catch diseases or because of their immune system that have less defenses than oneof younger people.

Something that is very important for the aging people is that they have to be accompanied by someone as four example their wife or husband, so they can feel more confortable inorder to continue with their life as normal as it was when they had less age.

According to an article that I read it says that the aging people have to put more emphasis in doing exercise, eatinggood, sleeping at their hours, get out and have walks in parks in order to clear their minds and lounges, and for them is better if they have a couple or a person that can join them in all theiractivities of their daily life.

Having a couple for the aging people is very good for them because like that they feel healthier and also they can do all their activities together and hey can have a betterquality of life.

Watching the opposite point of view, as my own experience I have met aging people that are alone and they don’t have any couple, their life is different and they are in differentmoods, as you can see, they are a little bit sad and depressed compared with the ones that have couple is very different their mood and that have an impact in their health and their quality of life.As a conclusion I can say that the aging, the relationships and the health are very related because one thing if you don’t have it, it will have an impact in other thing, so you have to balance...
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