Heat and cold

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Cold or heat?

For eternity we cant manage to chose were to be born, that’s why we get to live in heat like in tropical islands or in the alaskas where the cold is inevitable. But once you getolder, you have the oportunity to move to the place you like the most but after so many years of living in the place you did, taking in consideration it was cold or heat, would you move without problemsand get use to live in that new area? What things can make you take a wise desicion on whether you stay with the cold or the heat.

If you where born in a cold place then you should know its veryhard to get warm even if you have a jacket or a coat on you. But many times your body usually get used to it and temperatures like 60* or even 70* are very hot for your body to handle. But if we lookat the good points of it, you’ll never suffer from isolation, burns or sweat wich are very unlikely to feel. Summers are more easy going since the temperature will never go above the 75* and wearingnormal clothes will be comfortable to pass the summer with ease. But when it comes to christmas things get a bit to chill for us to handle, there is when the snow storms comes into play, wich theyusually cause alot of damage and people even die from this. But is something we cant manage to resist its only a bit dificult to deal with, out of that its very convincing living in a cold place.

Butfar away from the cold places we encouter with the tropical islands, they are a place where everything is full of humidity and rains making them very hot when it comes to sunny daysm and some kind ofcold when the night arrives. This are places where you can manage to have a reliable and easy life since you wont have to deal with extreme temperatures. But when its time for summer temperatures canrise to even 101* wich is extremely hot for a normal day in the carribeans but thats nothing a cold shower can manage. Now the bad point that living in the carribeans islands that its a crucial...
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