Capitalism And Socialism In The Cold War

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Capitalism and Socialism in the Cold War

If a small elite group plans a whole nation economy sooner or later it would fail and crash. Since the beginning of the Cold warapproximately from 1946 to 1949 it already exist the tension between two great nations who have different political and economic systems, which they are Capitalist by the US and Socialist For the USSR but theboth agree that they want the world domination without sharing it, that’s why it occur the crash between this two systems who fight for having all the wealth and for this they would have to controlthe other great nations. but In this time period the economy was not the best for many nations because it have just ended the world War 2 caused by the new emerging of a new power, and there’s no war inwhich a power didn’t lose economic wealth even if it is Capitalist or Socialist or any type of government because the both are systems based on a global cooperation.
The Capitalist is primary basedof being an economic and political system in which exists the private property and the individuals own economic resources and industry, so it is a class based system that is controlled by a smallelite group. In the political the system emphasizes on the competition for resources as a means of increasing capital or wealth that later it would be an accumulation of wealth for the small group, andthey are very competitive so Individuals who own capital can compete with others to provide goods and services to the marketplace. Another advantage would be the low taxes that are generally a goal ofcapitalistic governments. In addition, government funding for public services, like social service benefits, is generally kept to a minimum. Health care systems may also be primarily funded by theprivate sector, requiring citizens to purchase their own health insurance or rely on an employer to provide insurance.
In other hand The Socialism relies on governmental planning with a centrally...
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