Cold War Advantages And Its Progress

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Cold War was a confrontation between capitalism and socialism models; it started in 1945-47 and finished in 1991. In fact, it meant a lot of changes into thesociety. Some of these are: The globalization of ideas about medicine and technology progress, both with a different hegemonic authority depending on each model.
Therefore, after the Second WorldWar, an international system of postwar period was established, characterized by Superpowers and bipolarity; the States cataloged as Superpowers were the United States and the Soviet Union, which startedEast – West conflict and Cold War. This was the scenery for the confrontation of two blocks that led organized, compact and antagonistic ideologies (Rochester y Pearson, 2003).
After 1985, theUnited States and Soviet Union agreed to reduce their presence in Europe and to moderate the ideological competition into the international system. Years later, in 1989, the Cold War end came whenliberated nations of Eastern Europe chose their rulers with a democratic way, Germany was unified and stopped the arms race.
Certainly, the Cold War, during its development left some important progress toscience and society. Diseases were cured; new technologies were invented (like turbojet), antibiotics were created and DDT which fought against Malaria. Furthermore, the most important medical discoverwas the Penicillin. On the other hand, the Cold War came along technology progress, such as microwave, created by Percy LeBaron in 1946, after discovering electromagnetic radiation has the capacityto move molecules in high speed. Additionally, there was the automatic assembly system, created by Delmar S. Harder; it was to the car factory, Ford. At the same, the most innovative thing was createdby engineers of the Pennsylvania University, it was the computer.
However, like these, a lot of things were invented, but these came along with hegemonic problems. Both Superpowers wanted to have...
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