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Portfolio work 1

*Work in pairs solving this first task, try to use your own words when possible:

1. Which is the most effectiveand interesting way to learn a second language?
2. What must we do as language teachers?
3. What happens to babies concerning the first skill?
4. What do parentsdo with their child´s effort that we- as teachers must take into account?
5. Paraphrase features mentioned when talking to babies.(pgs. 1 and 2)

Page 2.

6.Which is the motivation for the language?
7. How can you create the need to talk to a pre schooler? Give an example.
8. How can they learn good quantity of wordsand concepts?
9. What does whole-child involvement mean?
10. Which things are part of the language-growth process?
11. What must we do to lower anxiety, and whatother thing we avoid by doing them?

Pages 3-4 and 5.

12. Create a parallel chart with all the Do´s and Don´ts a teacher of beginning students must take intoconsideration.

Page 5

13. What do children want and need to know about rules?

Page 6

14. What can pressures of the changes the child is facing cause?15. What can Learning English through activities cause if kids are not accustomed?
16. Which kind of activities do kids do in a strict and structured, teachercentered classroom?
17. Why are kids in schools at the beginning?
18. Mention some rules and behaviours that are going to be expected in your classroom. ( at least 6)Page 7

19. What is required when teaching through activities?

Things to consider:

Organize your work
Use your dictionary when needed.
Take notes
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