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The movement hippie was born in the years 60s thanks to a troubled social situation and fortified with ideas as the love and the best company.

The hippies formed a politically boldcounter
culture and antibelicista, and artistically prolific of The United States and of Europe.

His style psychodelic and full of color was inspired by hallucinogenic drugs as the acid lisérgico(LSD) and was taking form of the mode, of the graphical arts and of the singers' music as Janis Joplin and pink floyd.

The hippies worried for the environment and rejected the western materialism.Initially the movement was generated in EEUU and later it spread to Europe and to the whole world. The hippies were born for a reaction to the alterations that the second world war had produced, inthe company and in the culture.

Many young persons began to test not conventional experiences. They were considering mediocre and bored the "bourgeois" world and they initiated a search towards aspiritual life and in touch with the nature. To all this search and initiatives of the young persons, she was begun to know as " movement hippie ".

The most important event of music for the hippieswas Woodstock. This space was challenging, innocent, optimistic and tolerant.

Celebrated in a farm of the New York State from August 15 to August 17, 1969. For three days with rain, mud and smallfacilities, more than 400.000 young women became a glut on the market in a meeting that would go on to the history.


In this century much people was considering to be this "long hair " an offense, or as synonymous of dirt, or women's thing.

The fact of using the long hair, for both sexes and his particular way of dressing, was acting as a sign of belonging and asample of his alternative attitude.

❖ Faded clothes.
❖ Long shirts, long chicken farmers, trousers with botamanga type " leg of elephant "
❖ Indian or African clothes.
❖ Symbols...
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