Historia Del Aprendizaje

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Personal Literacy Narrative
When I think back on my first writing experience, I think of kindergarten, where everything was completely new to me, specially letters and numbers. Writing wassomething that I didn’t understand at first, because I would see it as drawings on the board. It was even more complicated when the teacher would tell us each word had a meaning, and of course I knew how totalk, but didn’t know how to write what I was talking about it. In that moment, is when I understood what I could talk I could learn how to put it on a paper and show it to everyone else.
I rememberI learned how to write by following patterns on a book that students could purchase from school. It’s a book that contains the alphabet with one letter per page, with each letter in uppercase andlower case. Each letter is drawn with lines or dots so we can go through each one with our pencil. Through that I recognized words that associated with pictures because it was easier and enjoyable. Forexample, my teacher used “a” for apple and “z” for zebra. She also used a board and a stick to pin point animals and the students had to yell out the write letter or answer.
When I first came here inthe United States, I learned that writing and reading was so different from where I came from. I had to adjust to how the schools and instructors thought their students how to write. My English waspoor so it was harder for me to write essays with words that sounded intelligent and comprehendible. As my teacher proofread and makes corrections I noticed that I had a lot of mistakes because Ididn’t know where and how to put punctuations and words correctly. Also, my grade on writing which affected my English grade wasn’t the best because I just started with my adjustment. I literally didn’t knowhow to speak or write English, and even when my country’s alphabet is really similar to the English one, the pronunciation was not the same, neither the way of writing the words of course. A...
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