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Do you know what were the advantages and disadvantages of the industrial revolution? Do you know who were the most important people that contributed in it? In the 14th century many people in theindustrial revolution wanted to express themselves about what they think about the revolution. Geoffrey Chaucer, father of the literature is considered one of the most important critics in the industrialrevolution. The printing industries was of mayor importance in the industrial age, Chaucer was a very influent man in that area.

In the Industrial Revolution many of the main progress and problemwas in the area of social and economic structure. Both of them were affected by one single cause, work. Work was one of the hardest causes in which people in the industrial times get unemployed andmiss of work in all his recent life time in the working times.

The Industrial revolution has more than just one point of affection in all that time. For example the Society. Society have been one ofthe most affected points in these times. People which were common workers who has a typical wage and have a source of money that can maintain their family. People which don’t have a way of maintaintheir family start getting worst in a social status and change their position between people. Social reforms were created in this times such as reforms which help up worker to stay in a good locationbetween their people.

Geoffrey Chaucer in this times have more than just a simple roll in people. Chaucer’s ideas were promoted basically by the people, which were getting seriously affected bypoverty. Chaucer by writing his book The Canterbury Tales promoted the ancient industry revolution by starting the printing industries in recent times. Printing was a modern system that came from theancient Egyptians, Industrialization bring more that just a simple way of getting bibliographies.

Printing and Chaucer were basic influence in society, they gave work for many people. First Chaucer...
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