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It was a stormy midnight when Kate woke up.She started walking through the passage.She heard some rare noises so she went to see what was going on.You must see she is a brave girlbecause no 11 year old girl would go to see from where came that noises.Her mother was sleeping and her father went to the war 3 years ago. She had one little brother named Zac.They were very united, butno because they wanted, because the HAD to.Why? Because both children had a problem that if they saw the sun light, they’ll die.
. KATE: "It's like a dead soul, dark and shiny at the same time. Herhair it shory, she is tiny and ... she scares me.Now, they are more, they are surrounding me. It’s like the sky covered with black clouds were you can’t see a little piece of sky.Oh, no, they aregoing. DON’T GO, DON’T GO!. They went, who are they? WHAT are they? I don’t know why and how I can see them, but in a way is kind of interesting because you can perceived their feeling but in a anotherit’s kind of scared, because you don’t know if they can see me or feel me. I don’t know what to do. Should I say mi brother or my mother?No,I don’t think so, I think I’m the only one that can see“them”. This is horrible, I must search about this.”
(Nest morning. Enters Zac)
ZAC: Kate, Kate! Wake up! Look what has happened!
KATE: What happened?
(Kate looks her curtains)
KATE: ohmy god, what’s this? Who did it?!
NARRATOR: the curtains were written, it said: GO AWAY, LEAVE US.DON’T BOTHER US ANY MORE.IF YOU DON’T GO THIS CURTAINS WILL FALL.) If the curtains fall, the kidswill see the sun light and die.
KATE: Mom! Mom look!
MAID: Kate, your mom went.
KATE: Where? To the supermarket?
MAID: No, I don’t think so. She went with her suitcase.
KATE: What...What doyou mean?
MAID:I mean she went away,she’s not coming back.
(Kate goes running crying,but she doesn’t cares a lot because although her mother protect her from de sun light,she kick her and...
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