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List of Careless Mistakes

Please try to avoid making any of the mistakes below in any piece of writing, whether homework or class-work. There will a penalty should you make anyof these mistakes; this also goes for any evidence of improvisation on vocabulary, using ‘nonexistent English (Spanglish) words’. To help you understand the nature of the mistakes, I have included alist of the most common mistakes made. On the left hand column, you will see the mistakes made including the way the mistake was made (usually by a poor attempt at translation). On the right hand sideyou will see the correction.

Grammatical Errors Writing Instead of…(or visa versa) Is It’s or it is Its It’s Were Where This These Their They’re Your You’re Amongst / among Between Other Another AsLike Anyone No one They are There are Was (E.g) Was an exciting experience…) It was (It was an exciting experience…) All the days / all days Everyday “Count with” Consists on (something) e.g. (lacasa cuenta con 5 habitaciones)The The house consists of 5 bedrooms. house counts with 5 bedrooms. All the people Enter to All the things People is Are Childs In this moment Everyone Enter EverythingPeople are There are Children At the moment


Price Weather Live Save

Spelling When you really mean… (or vice versa)
Prize Whether Leave Safe

Buy Been Nosy To

TyposWhen you really mean…
By Being Noisy Too
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Now a days Does


Writing Assist Sensible DiscussionExportation Hope

False Cognates When you really mean… Attend sensitive Argument Export Wait / expect

If you have any doubts referring to spelling or meaning of a word, you can consult this greatcommercial free dictionary online: http://dictionary.cambridge.org it is free and has been specially designed for students of English (as apposed to dictionary.com) Otherwise, use any of the following...
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