Hollywood City

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History: Hollywood is a district from Los Angeles. His name is associated with the headquarters of the U.S. film industry.
The town was founded in 1857. Although the name comes fromholly and wood, was the wife of a developer who named, in 1880, to his ranch located in the area after having met a couple from another place whose home was called Hollywood.
In 1903 Hollywoodofficially became a municipality and seven years later his councilors voted for the integration of the province to the city of Los Angeles.

Main places:

Hotel Knickerbocker, This hotel was built in1925, and has a mysterious story about the death of some important figures in the history of Hollywood. In 1948, silent film director D.W. Griffith was killed in the hotel lobby. It is also a famoushotel because there committed suicide MGM designer Irene Gibbons.

Musso & Frank Grill, This is the name of Hollywood's oldest restaurant (opened in 1919). There were concentrated scriptwriters offilms. One corner of the restaurant is known for being the favorite of Charles Chaplin. About Musso & Frank Grill there are many legends and stories that include some of the most famous in film history.Charlie Chaplin Studios, Built in 1917 by Charles Chaplin (having already achieved some fortune), these studios included a private home of actor and director. It had a swimming pool and tenniscourt. For the 50's the house began a path that would lead to different owners until 2000, when it became the property of Jim Henson Productions


- The Walk of Fame, is a sidewalk alongHollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, in which soil is placed over 2,000 stars with the names of celebrities which the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored for his contribution to industryentertainment.

Each star consists of a piece of terrazzo in which frames a five-pointed star background with pink and bronze edge embedded in a square of coal. Inside the pink star is the name...
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