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Instituto Nacional de Estadística
The National Statistics Institute (INE), was created by Decree No.86-2000 of 8 July 2000, as a technical body, independent regulatory and equity capital and isassigned to the Secretary of State for Presidential .
The highest authority is the INE Statistics Board, and is formed by the highest authority of the following entities:
Secretary of State in thePresident's office.
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.
Secretary of State for Health.
Secretary of State for Education.
Secretary of State in the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (SAG).Secretary of State for Labour and Social Security (STSS).
National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).
National Institute of Statistics (INE).

INE Objectives:
Provide timely and reliablestatistics.
Arrange the National Statistical System (NSS).
Promote and develop statistical literacy in the country.

The INE will work so that in the medium term, Honduras has a systemorganized, reliable and constantly updated resources, grounded in the progressive development of national statistical literacy as a basic tool to generate information to support decision-making right .• MISSION
The Institute is instituting technical and organizational actions for their own consolidation as the governing body of official statistics in the country, complemented by training humanresource updated National, for this, assist in the process of consolidating the national statistical system and thus satisfy the statistical reporting requirements in general.

• Ensure the production, appropriate use and dissemination of reliable systematic and timely, necessary for the permanent National knowledge of reality.

• Establish regulations, integrate andrationalize the official statistics.

• Programming, analysis, dissemination and publicity of statistical information obtained from censuses, surveys and administrative records.

• Promote the...
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