How to be popular

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Steph Landry is a sixteen-year old girl who lives in a small town in Indiana. Steph is a social outcast, along with her best friend Jason and Becca. It all started back in sixth gradewhen Lauren Moffat and Steph Landry were still friends. One day Steph accidentally threw a Super Red Big Gulp on Laurens new white D&G skirt. Lauren got so mad at her that she has made Steph’slife miserable, and since that moment until now Steph has been the school joke. A new school year is about to begin and Steph has a secret weapon that would help her be popular, and she will do anythingto succeed.

Rising Action

Steph’s grandfather is about to marry the women of his dreams, which happens to be Jason’s grandmother, Kitty. Steph kept a box that had old things that belonged toKitty; in that old box she found the key to be popular. The first day of school Steph got new clothes and ironed her hair just like the book said. She started to act more confident and to smilewarmly at everyone. She has always had a huge crush on the most popular guy at school, Mark Finley unfortunately he is Laurens boyfriend. Mark is the school president. Each year the school has a benefitevent to gain money for the rest of the school year. This year Steph decided to put a little more interest in this event, so she proposed to make a student auction for this benefit. Mark seemed to likethe idea and so did everybody else. The auction was a very good idea because it gave Steph a reason to talk to Mark and the rest of the A- crowd. This auction was a success and the school raised alot of money. Everything was going great; Steph was popular now and had won Mark Finley in the auction, but her two best friends Jason and Becca kind of hated her now because she had changed a lot.Except for that everything seemed to go as planned, at least for now.


Steph had the bad habit of spying Jason while he was naked in his room. The night of the auction she had being...
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