How to be a good english teacher?

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How to be a good English teacher?

I will ask you to try to remember all the teachers you have had, all of them, from kindergarten until university. Surely you havehad that kind of teacher who just gave the number of the pages of the book that you had to copy on your notebook, probably you also remember that teacher who was a human encyclopedia, or that teacherwho put everybody to sleep in every class with a boring monologue, or maybe you had that teacher who supported and advised you when you had a problem, now think which one of them is the best for astudent, the teacher who transmitted you his knowledge or that one who advice you in your doubts and personal problems.
Now a days, being a good English teacher is a really challenge,because transmitting knowledge to students is not the only goal of a teacher, there are too many aspects and values that a teacher may encourage to students. Teacher profession is not like others suchcarpenter or mechanic, being teacher is more difficult because a teacher does not work with wood or cars, a teacher works with people.
This entire means that good teachers have to bethose two kinds of teachers that I mentioned before: the human encyclopedia and that teacher who advices a student when he needs it, because a student will never learn if he is distracted thinkingabout some personal problem he has. That is why teachers have to try to help the students to solve their problems.
Obviously transmitting knowledge and ideas to students still being themain goal of a teacher, but he also has to work the psychological, psychical and social aspects, in order to make his students learn better. Good teachers know their students very well, and they knowwhat kind of intelligence each one has in order to know which teaching method apply.

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