How to get into teaching

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How to get into teaching UK
Esssential Information before you start
Do you have the GCSE grades?
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1. Do you have the GCSE grades?
All candidates for teacher training need to have at least a grade C in English and maths GCSE, or can show that they have reached an equivalent standard. Candidates for primary teaching also need a grade C or equivalent in science.

If you want toteach at secondary level, your degree should be relevant to the subject you want to teach. If it’s not relevant, you can take some additional training in your chosen subject. If you want to teach at primary level, a training provider will consider how relevant your degree is. Additional subject training can be taken if necessary. You can progress straight to your ITT if your degree is relevant tosubject you want to teach.

If your degree subject is not close enough to the subject you want to teach, you can take additional training before your initial teacher training (ITT).
There are six-month, full-time bursaried courses in maths and science. Three-month modern language courses are available for those wishing to gain proficiency in a second foreign language. Subject knowledgeenhancement courses are available in other subjects.
What are my options?
Anyone wanting to teach in England and Wales must complete initial teacher training (ITT). There are many different types of ITT course – the one you take will be specific to the age group and, if you want to teach at secondary level, the subject that you want to teach. All courses cover the principles of teaching along withpractical experience in the classroom.
There are several different ways you can complete your ITT: alongside a degree, straight after a degree, as a part-time course alongside work or as a full-time course. The option that is right for you will depend on your circumstances. You will need a degree and qualified teacher status (QTS) to become a teacher.
Answering these questions will help you plan yourroute into teacher training and achieving QTS. If you have any further questions, call the Teaching Information Line on freephone 0800 389 2500.

You can do your ITT through a school, while employed at a school or through a higher education institution such as a university or college. How would you like to train?

• Employed at a school
The Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) allows schools toemploy graduates and work out an individual training programme for them, leading to qualified teacher status (QTS). You are paid while you train. Look in local, national and education-specific newspapers for untrained teacher posts. Competition for these places is stiff.
About the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP)
On the Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP), graduates can attain qualified teacherstatus (QTS) while training and working in a paid teaching role. You will be employed by a school and earn a salary, so this on-the-job programme is ideal if you want to become a teacher, but need to earn an income while you train.
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Please see the unqualified teacher pay scale for details on how much you could earn.
The GTP normally takes one school year, working full-time, tocomplete. In some cases, depending on previous teaching experience, this period may be shorter.
Once you are on the GTP, the programme can be tailored to meet your individual training needs as you work towards qualified teacher status.
Who is eligible for the GTP?
To apply for a place on the GTP you must have both of the following qualifications:
• a UK bachelor's degree or equivalent
• GCSEgrade C (or standard equivalent) in mathematics and English
If you intend to teach primary or key stage 2/3 (ages 7–14), you must also have a standard equivalent to a grade C in a science GCSE.

Where to complete the GTP
You can complete the GTP in any eligible school in England that is prepared to employ an unqualified teacher for the duration of the programme. Independent schools can also...
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