How To Get A Boyfriend

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How to get a boyfriend
Get a boyfriend is not easy because they´re very difficult. What´s most important is to show self- confidence. Explode tothe maximun all the resources, be the one who starts the topics while getting the boyfriend, but keep the best from you to the end, be sexy and notshow that much,be careful, leave sex to the end.
Here we show 5 tips to start a relationship
1.- Be more friendly: Participate in social reunions tomeet new people, using the social network such as facebook or twitter, or going to social events such as a disco opening, or a university party.
2.-Be a good listeners and know to behave: Show interest to any topic, each time you see him smile at him acting in a proper way like the video we aregoing to show….
3.- Be coquette: Dress sexy, wear tight jeans, go to the gym, don´t be selfish, enjoy with the people you meet, show shynesswith sweetness at the sometime (using Angelina Jolie´s look or waving your hair, but be careful not to use the Sharon Stone´s crossing leg).
If theinterest is shown at both sides, these two last tips will be the key for the succes of the relationship.
4.- Start the relationship: As men are kind ofshy because of past rejections, we as women should start inviting the person to go to the cinema if necessary.
5.- Keep the best to the end: Ifyou´re alone or not with your boyfriend, be always calm and think, leave sex to the end if you don´t want to lose everything you have worked for.
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