How To Increase Your Strength And Get A Leaner Body (1)

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How To Increase Your Strength And Get A Leaner Body

By Adam Yezer

Most of us started lifting weights to gain muscle, get stronger, and to be better at a particular sport. Just about everyonewould like to be leaner, while increasing strength and performance. But how do we do it?
This can be a dilemma with powerlifters, especially in the heavier weight categories. Many know if they wereleaner could eventually be stronger pound for pound, but what happens is they go on a diet and it is usually too strict and lose too much strength and then just say "oh well, I just need to eat".There are few freaks who are always lean and still strong despite what they eat, be safe in knowing that I am not one of the lucky ones.

So how is it done to get leaner and maintain strength? Rotatingcarbohydrate intake by having a high carbohydrate day for example on heavy lifting days. For example; training deadlifts, squats or legs, and especially max effort for squats/deads, upper back andbench. If you're a bench specialist, your high carbohydrate days should be focused on your bench days.
Your low carb day would be the day where you do cardio and medium carbohydrate day could be speedtraining. Still to get lean do not skip cardio it is essential for some fat burning and keeping your heart in good condition. It is still essential for proper nutrition to be in a calorie deficitwith essential protein and calorie intake but not an excessive decrease so you can slowly burn fat and try to maintain muscle. By doing it slowly you can also maintain a majority of your strength and thekey is slowly, take your time. Rome was not built in a day and neither was strength and muscle.
This carb rotation allows you to have extremely high energy and on heavy training days, then the nextday back to lower carbohydrate intake, allowing you to lower body fat levels slowly on low, medium carb days where protein and fat are increased. The higher levels of essential fatty acids on...
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