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Something seriously cool has happened in web development!
Hi and welcome to the sample chapters of HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World. You might assume that the person writing this foreword is a designer or a front-end developer, at the forefront of these new technologies. Well, that’s not the case. Let me reveal something about myself … I’m not a techie and I know nothing about code. Yes, I workat SitePoint and have copied and pasted my way through creating a few HTML emails, but that’s about as far as my skills go. So, you’re thinking, “Why are you writing this if you don’t know anything about HTML5 & CSS3?” Well, let me tell you what I do know. Last year, I started noticing lots of talk about these new technologies. I really didn’t pay much attention. But the chatter continued, andshortly after we decided to start work on an HTML5 & CSS3 book due to the huge demand from our customers. Now, it’s not unusual for the people I work with to get excited about new books. But there was so much enthusiasm for this upcoming book and its topic, I had to find out why. Over the next few months, I got involved in conversations around the office. When people spoke about all the cool newthings you can do using HTML5 & CSS3, I listened. Most of it made no sense and my eyes glazed over, but there were a few times that I found myself thinking, “Hey, that sounds pretty awesome.” Then, last week, I asked our Sys Admin to do something for me and he needed to watch some instructional videos to get the job done, but they were not working. It had something to do with Flash. The comment thatleft my mouth afterwards surprised me just as much as it surprised him—“Well, that won’t be a concern for much longer since HTML5 allows for native video.”

I still can’t believe I said it. I was so proud of myself for knowing that. I’ve worked at SitePoint for a few years now and have watched new technologies come and go, but have yet to see anything quite like this. HTML5 and CSS3 willchange the way our designers and developers work for the better. One of our designers explained it like this: “We’ve been locked in, trying to get petty tasks done with so much effort. HTML5 & CSS3 allows me to finally do cool stuff and have some fun.” Well, that sounds pretty amazing to me. Read on and make up your own mind. Regards, Melinda Szasz

HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World(

What’s in This Excerpt
Chapter 1: Introducing HTML5 and CSS3 Before we tackle the hands-on stuff, we’ll present you with a little bit of history, along with some compelling reasons to start using HTML5 and CSS3 today. We’ll also look at the current state of affairs in terms of browser support, and argue that a great deal of these new technologies are ready to be used today—so long asthey’re used wisely. Chapter 2: Markup, HTML5-style In this chapter, we’ll show you some of the new structural and semantic elements that are new in HTML5. We’ll also be introducing The HTML5 Herald, a demo site we’ll be working on throughout the rest of the book. Think divs are boring? So do we. Good thing HTML5 now provides an assortment of options: article, section, nav, footer, aside, andheader! Chapter 7: CSS3 Gradients and Multiple Backgrounds When was the last time you worked on a site that didn’t have a gradient or a background image on it? CSS3 provides some overdue support to developers spending far too much time wrangling with Photoshop, trying to create the perfect background gradients and images without breaking the bandwidth bank. Now you can specify linear or radial gradientsright in your CSS without images, and you can give an element any number of background images. Time to ditch all those spare divs you’ve been lugging around. Chapter 11: Canvas, SVG, and Drag and Drop We devote the book’s final chapter to, first of all, covering two somewhat competing technologies for drawing and displaying graphics. Canvas is new to HTML5, and provides a pixel surface and a...
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