Human hope

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Writers are often concerned with human hope and inequality.
How is treated in the poem blessing?

Some poems try to give a message to the reader or to the whole world. The poem “Blessing “the authorImitiaz Dharker show the message of human hope and inequality by using poetic features as metaphors, changing the mood or using imagery. So in this essay I will show how the author gives as themessage of hope and inequality by her poem “Blessing”.
The poem “Blessing” tries to give us the message that the world has lots of inequality. “From the huts a congregation”, this quote tell us that thereare a lot of poor people that doesn’t have water and are waiting for it. Also this congregation doesn’t have work or something to have food or money because all the families went out to see what ishappening. I think that it’s a very important quote because show how the families need something to do and how they need the water.
But the poem also tries to tell as that the people doesn´t have hope.The author use the metaphor to tell as that the water is hope, “the voice of a kindly god”, she is comparing the voice of a god, this mean that is very good, to water. This is a very important thinkbecause it tells us that water is a very important think and that we have to take more importance to it and is almost as good as a god.
Also give as more thinks about water as hope. Imitiaz use themood as a very important factor to understand the term of hope as water. At the beginning the mood is sad and is slow, but when the people have more contact with hope the poem transform is somethinghappier and it speed up. In this way the author make it easier to understand that she wants to make us think that water is hope in a metaphorical way.
Other important thing is that the poem takes placein a hot weather. This means that it’s difficult to get water.” The skins crack like a pot”, gave as to understand that is a hot place. IN some hot place it is difficult to get water if you don´t...
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