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Semestral – Humanidades

1. Education criticism

Nowadays, education its too structured. We are not allowed to have an opinion or to question anything. At school, kids just sit down in rows,silently, an listen an memorize whatever the teacher says. Those are the learning methods of this time, while it should be more interactive, where students can analyze , have opinions and have doubts,Students should also be allowed to sit where they want, because that does not affect their learning capacities. This way, we would really be preparing ourselves for life, instead of just memorizinguseless information.

2. Evolution of humanities

Humanities emerged in Pre history, then develop during ancient history, then middle ages, then modern ages an it is still evolving during thecontemporary age. Humanities are the studies of human beings and its surroundings. For example: music, sociology, and culture.

The main ideas that humanism proposes are:

o Appreciate another’shuman condition
o Relate to others in order to lead our lives
o Use our capacities to solve problems by understanding them, in order to improve on the way of leading our lives.
o Weare all different. So do not discriminate

A humanist has the next characteristics: leaders, they speak their minds, care about the rest of the people in their society; they look for solutions insteadof just complaining.
Studying humanism is important because this is how we are able to learn to interact with people in our society, and to care about them.

3. Modernity and post modernity| |Modernity |Post Modernity |
|Knowledge |Static,absolutism, rationalism |Flexible ,relativism, existentialism |
|political organization |Modern state- democracy |Modern state- democracy in...
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