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I think that nowadays some people are crazy for this reason they start to do strange things which are so bad and uncomfortable for God, ancientsociety and old people. For example they are convinced that the most important aspect in a person is their money and their status, so they believe thatif they have a lot of money, they will be the happiest people, but if they are poor, they will be unhappy forever and I really think that happiness isnot money and material things, is to give and receive love without expecting anything, be in peace with yourself and trust God. Because of that, ifI could change something about humanity; I would try to convince them to be more spiritual, I would teach them that not everything in life is money,appearance, properties and power, life is more than that, is to enjoy with your family and friends, is to help people and share with them yourexperiences, your goals and your thoughts. Other thing that I would like to change is that everybody searches the best for themselves and don´t care ifthey have to go over and make others feel bad to get what they want. The humanity could be more polite and less selfish, they could think about doinggood things and beneficial for others and also the society should care more the animals, plants and water because I’m sure that without them, theycan´t survive. Finally, over time people have been losing love for God, I expect that they be aware that God’s love is the purest feeling in the world.
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